World Renowned Opera Singer

Chelsea Snow

Chelsea is Seventeen years old and in the 11th grade. She was the first-ever unanimous judge’s 1st place choice in last year’s Coronado’s Talent. 

2019 was an excellent year for Chelsea Snow; she had won 12 competitions. She had won the prestigious Chinese Water Cube Cup International competition, where she beat out over 6,000 entrants to win the Grand Prize in Beijing, China.

Chelsea also competed in Long Beach, California, at The World Championship of Performing Arts (in which she won 3 gold medals and 1 silver), performed at the Chinese Embassy to celebrate 70 years of Chinese independence, a cast party for the Simpson’s and the 2019 Miss Globe Finals. She was recently featured on Fox’s Game of Talents.

When Chelsea is not singing or competing, she enjoys drawing, roller skating, playing the piano, and making funny YouTube videos. Her future aspirations include building upon her musical career and attending Harvard Medical School to study medicine.

Foot Juggler


Since a very young age Helen was interested in gymnastics and In 2002 she was awarded “best women gymnast in Ethiopia”. That accomplishment led to get a scholarship from China, where I developed all her circus skills. 

She will be juggling all kinds of things with her feet for you!

Professional Tango Dancers who perform around the world

Katia & Sebastian

Katia Diamond is originally from Bolivia and has been dancing since she was five years old. When she was ten, she moved to the USA, currently living in San Diego with her husband Barry and her dog Jake.

Katia specializes in Argentine Tango, although she dances and teaches more than 20 styles of dance. She teaches throughout Southern California, and performs, competes, and judges competitions worldwide. She has also been a staff dance instructor at UCSD teaching Argentine Tango and Ballroom Dance.

Katia has numerous national and world titles in different dance styles, and she is the 2015 Amateur Rising Star National and World American Rhythm Champion. However, Katia is best known for Argentine Tango and dances with some of the top male dancers in the world, including Guillermo Salvat (a judge at the Argentine Tango World Championships in Buenos Aires), Hernan Gaston Lazart (one of the stars from the Broadway hit “Forever Tango”), Sebastian Ruiz (2021 Finalist in the Argentine Tango World Championships) and many more.

Katia has also been featured as the lead dancer in several music videos and countless online promotions for everything from tango dresses to dance shoes. She is the founder of the Argentine Tango Academy in San Diego (TangoAcademySD.com) and the founder of Milonga Magnifica, “Southern California’s most Magnificent Milonga.”
In addition, Katia is also the founder of “Tango Burlesque,” a Tango stage show scheduled to debut in the spring of 2023 in Argentina and the USA.

Sebastian is originally from Argentina and has been dancing the tango professionally for over a decade. He was trained by some of the top tango masters of this era and actively teaches, competes, directs, and stars in tango shows worldwide. In addition, he designs and provides choreography for students and professional dancers for performances and shows.

Sebastian has taught and performed Argentine Tango throughout Argentina, Chile, Peru, Costa Rica, Guatemala, El Salvador, Mexico, and the USA. He has directed and starred in stage shows throughout South America and has performed on stages across the United States.

Sebastian is an active competitor with multiple titles and is most recently a 2021 Finalist in the Argentine Tango World Championships in Buenos Aires.


Joe Gandelman & Friends

Joe Gandelman & Friends have performed for thousands of fans, including royalty! Joe and his friends have appeared on television and were co-presenters at the 2019 celebrity-studded Hollywood Beauty Awards at the historic Avalon Hollywood Theater, where he presented awards with Carmen Electra and Navid Negahban.
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